Page 18 in ARTICLE from Department of Pharmacology, Leiden /Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR), Faculty of Science, Leiden University STATES: "we strongly support the hypothesis proposed by OmoiGui, which states that the origin of all pain is inflammation and inflammatory response (5;6)."

JUST PUBLISHED – Part 2 of Sota Omoigui’s Law of Pain describing the Inflammatory Profile of Pain Syndromes
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JUST PUBLISHED IN THE UK – HOSPITAL DOCTOR profiles Sota Omoigui’s Law of Pain and asks “Is it time for RETHINKING PAIN?”
RETHINKING PAIN, Hospital Doctor 2007 June Pg 24

JUST PUBLISHED – Dr Sota Omoigui contributes a chapter in the Textbook – IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION AND IMMUNOTHERAPY IN HEART DISEASE – Edited by: Ronald Ross Watson (Professor of Public Health, School of Medicine, University of Arizona, Tuscon, ) and Douglas Larson.
Immune Dysfunction and Immunotherapy in Heart Disease

In the Journal of Immunity and Ageing, Dr Sota Omoigui describes the Inflammation Pathway from Cholesterol to Aging.
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