Pain Relief: The L.A. Pain Clinic Guideby Sota Omoigui


A medical guide to prevention and the latest treatment for common painful conditions including arthritis, bhack pain, cancer pain, diabetes and HIV pain, menstrual and labor pain, migraine and tension headache, interstitial cystitis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy,(RSD), sickle ceell disease, shingles and post herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia and vulvodynia.

About the author: Sota Omoigui M.D. is Medical Director of the L.A. Pain Clinic in Southern California. Dr. Sota Omoigui is author of Sota Omoigui`s Anesthesia Drug Handbook (Blackwell Scientific Publishers, 1998), Pain Relief - The L.A. Pain Clinic Guide (State-of-the-Art Technologies, 1998), The Universal Drug Infusion Ruler (State-of-the-Art Technologies, 1995) and co-author of The Nigerian National Anthem (1978). Dr. Sota Omoigui developed the Thera-Vision software engine for The Anesthesia and Critical Care Drugs Database (Mosby Year Book Publishers, 1996), an advanced computerized drug information systems for anesthesia . Dr. Sota Omoiguis research focus is on anesthetic and pain pharmacology and development of minimally invasive techniques for neural blockade. He pioneered the technique of audio-capnometry and holds a United States patent for the audio-capnometer monitor and a patent for the process of continuous non-invasive hemometry (measurement of hemoglobin).