The RS-TENS Plus Electro-therapy Unit – E0730


The best new osteoarthritis (OA) bracing technology is available off-the-shelf. The flexible, perforated shells conform easily to individual anatomy, giving Unloader One OTS an excellent out-of-the-box fit.

This brace combines a streamlined, flexible upright with Dual Dynamic Force Straps to generate more unloading leverage than any Unloader to date.



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The RS-TENS Plus is a two-channel transcutaneous electrotherapy device designed to stimulate specific sensory nerve fibers and suppress the sensation of pain.

TENS therapy uses low frequency electrical current to treat acute and chronic pain by stimulating sensory nerves and suppressing the sensation of pain. TENS devices may be worn and used continuously. TENS therapy is a proven, cost-effective, non-invasive and non-habit forming modality for relieving pain.

Physicians integrate the device into treatment plans for relief of chronic and intractable pain and for management of post-surgical pain. Since it’s compact and easy-to-use at home, patients can fit TENS therapy into their daily routines. Frequency and impulse can be adjusted to patient need With the RS-TENS Plus, patients can control the intensity of their own treatments, increasing or decreasing intensity based on their need to relieve pain.

For more sensitive patients, setting a higher frequency and lower impulse will gently and gradually relieve pain during a 20 to 30 minute treatment. Patients experiencing mild pain can use a higher frequency and higher impulse to produce a pain-inhibiting effect almost immediately. Device is flexible and safe. The RS-TENS Plus’s two independently-controlled channels operate four pads enabling physicians to treat a range of body areas. Patients receive personal instruction and a manual with the device, and its safety features ensure correct.


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