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Comprehensive Physical Examination focusing on the Spine, Joints, Nerves and Muscles

Diagnostic Tests

1. Blood Tests – CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, Vitamine D Levels, Testosterone, Thyroid and Liver Panels, Inflammatory Markers

2. Bone Density Tests – for Osteoporosis

3. X-rays / Ultrasound / CT Scans, MRI, Ankle-Brachial Index Testing

Treatment Provided

Based upon Sota Omoigui’s Law of Pain – The origin of pain is inflammation and the inflammatory responseation.

1. Medications – Anti-inflammatories, Nerve Modulators, Opioids, Muscle Relaxants

2. Intramuscular/Subcutaneous/Intravenous Injections - using Anti-Inflammatory, Chemical Denervation with Botulinum Toxin and Osteoporosis medications

3. Infusion Therapy – with Magnesium Sulfate, Valproic Acid, Ketamine, Vitamin and Anti-inflammatory medications

4. Nerve Blocks – with local anesthetics and anti-inflammatories

5. Small Needle Trigger Point, Epidural and Spinal Injection Procedures – using Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy guidance

6. Back, Neck, Joint and Tendon Sheath Injections - – using Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy guidance

7. Physical Medicine Modalities / Physical Therapy

Medical Conditions We Treat

Dr Sota Omoigui’s research focus is on the biochemical origin of Pain, and development of biochemical interventions for relief of persistent pain.Dr Sota Omoigui pioneered the technique of audio-capnometry and holds a United States patent for the audio-capnometer monitor and a patent for the process of continuous non-invasive hemometry (measurement of hemoglobin).
Sota Omoigui M.D
Medical Director of the L.A. Pain Clinic
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